Award winning composer, sound designer and audio director for videogames, film and TV.

Creating emotionally powerful Music and audio experiences to Bring your story to unforgettable life.

25 years experience shipping award-winning aaa games for top studios and publishers

State of the ART studio and massive source library.


“Crispin is one of those rare individuals that after every conversation you have with him, you walk away feeling inspired.”

“His passion for audio, games and life in general is unrivaled. While working with Crispin, he brought me a while new understanding and appreciation to the field of audio by pushing the boundaries of what has been done previously in his field. Crispin has a very holistic approach that ensures whatever he does will have a positive impact in all aspects of the game. Besides being a top tier professional at his trade he is also very down to earth, considerate and an absolute attribute to any team that has the benefit of working with him.”

-STEVE DYCK, Animation Director, Microsoft/343 Industries

“Crispin is one of the most talented composers working in film today, Period.”

“He has a deep understanding of character and story, and knows how to use music to service the needs of the film, and the vision of the film maker. He studies every word of the script, understands every emotional beat of the characters and searches for the soul of the scene. I am always amazed at the insight and inspiration he has shared throughout the creative process. There is no other musician I would have trusted my vision with. He is not only professional, amazingly diverse, incredibly gifted, with contagious passion, but he is also a perfectionist who cares deeply about every note. Crispin will be one of the greats, and will leave behind an impact and a blazed new path for others to follow”

-BRENT COTE, director/producer/screenwriter

“I was blown away by the incredible score that Crispin composed for our film.”

“We gave him plenty of direction and not only did he completely understand, but what he came back with far surpassed what we were expecting. Id’ work with this talented man again in a second and highly recommend him.”

-TAHMOH PENIKITT, Actor/Producer (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse)

“I would recommend Crispin to any colleague in a heartbeat.”

“He really meets you on the creative level and works hard to make sure that the story you’re telling is both honoured and enhanced by the score and music. He worked tirelessly until we had a score that completed our story, and he did it with pride in his own work and concern for the needs of the filmmakers. A wonderful experience from top to bottom. I look forward to a longstanding working relationship with Crispin- he is now my go to!”

-MATT MCINNIS, Director/Producer